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Lesson Plans

Skittles Math

Author Information

Author: FundingFactory Participant - Visit FundingFactory
Organization: N/A

Lesson Plan Information

Subject: Math
Category: General
Grade Level: Fourth - Eighth
Duration: 3 days


A graphing activity using the candy Skittles.


To learn graphing


Students will learn and be able to use Bar Graphs, Pie Graphs, Line Graphs and Pictograms.

Educational Resources:

One bag of Skittles for each student. Graph paper Construction Paper Colored Pencils Glue Pipe Cleaners

Reference Materials:

Activity Plan:

This is a fun activity to teach your students graphing. First, pass out one bag of Skittles to each student. The students are to count and seperate each skittle by color. The students should then record this information. Make sure no on eats any Skittles until the information is recorded. Second, guide the students in making a Bar Graph. I do this on the overhead. Use one student's data for an example. Repeat step two Pie Graph, Line Graph and Pictogram. Once all graphs are cpmpleted they should be cut out and glued on colored construction paper. One graph per page. A cover page is also to be made by the student. This should be decorated nicely. Holes are then punched in the paper, and using pipe cleaners, you can make a book of the graphs for the students. I use this with my Resource Room students and it takes me about three days. It could go quicker in General Education classes. M and M's can also be used instead of Skittles.

Method of Learning:


The Graph Booklet should be graded as a whole.