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Lesson Plans

Tikki Tikki Tembo Inductive Learning Activity

Author Information

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Lesson Plan Information

Subject: Language Arts
Category: Vocabulary
Grade Level: Kindergarten - Second
Duration: 1 hour


Using the Inductive Learning Strategy, students will make a prediction about the problem and the solution in a story.


Using the Inductive Learning Strategy, students will make a prediction about the problem and the solution in a story.


Students will sort vocabulary words and explain their thinking. Students will create a scene predicting what they think will happen in the story.

Educational Resources:

Book Tikki, Tikki, Tembo, list of words, response logs, suppy boxes Word list: China, mountains, Tikki Tikki Tembo No Sa Rembo Chari Bari Ruchi Pip Peri Pembo, Chang, well, old man, mother, ladder, hurried, fallen, rice cakes, festival, village, out of breath, many months, river roars

Reference Materials:


Activity Plan:

Teaching Procedures: Phase 1: · teacher will read through the words with students to verify meanings and to make initial connections · teacher will model sorting process with students · students will find words that match teacher sort · students will label teacher groups Phase 2: · teacher will guide students through closed sort activities as practice · teacher gives feedback and elicits thinking process from students Phase 3: · students will work in pairs to sort words into their own categories · students will label categories · students will share categories, labels, and thinking · teacher will provide support and feedback Phase 4: · teacher and students will look for and discuss connections between groups · students will use the words to make a prediction about what they think will happen in the story · students will draw a picture of one scene they believe will be in the story Phase 5: · students will share their predictions, artwork, and thinking with partner · use stick cup to select a few students to share predictions · question students about how they used their words as clues Closure: Read the book, Tikki, Tikkim Tembo to the students. Encourage them to signal if part of their prediction came true and to listen to familiar words.

Method of Learning:

group activity


Observation, completed scene