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Lesson Plans

Dale Chihuly Paintings

Author Information

Author: FundingFactory Participant - Visit FundingFactory
Organization: N/A

Lesson Plan Information

Subject: Arts
Category: General
Grade Level: First - First
Duration: 2 periods one for video one for painting


Students will learn about glass blower Dale Chihuly and create paintings in his cketching style. This is very messy, be prepared.



Students will gain an appreciation for the art of Dale Chihuly.

Educational Resources:

Paints in squeeze bottles that can be squirted easily. Poster board or heavy paper. Any video about Dale Chihuly. There are many of them out there, and they are all great. Everyone I have seen shows him sketching with paint.

Reference Materials:

see education resources about video

Activity Plan:

1. For the first period students will watch a video on Dale Chihuly. I have shown these videos to kindergartners, and they are amazed by glass blowing. 2. Discuss how he sketches his work by squirting paint. 3. Next class review Dale Chihuly. You will want to make sure kids have smocks and junk clothes at this point. 4. Students will be using the squirt bottles to make paintings. I usually clear my floor, lay a lot of paper down, and have students squirt paint while standing up. We usually do two pictures a person. 5. Clean up, which will take a while 6. Review

Method of Learning: