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Lesson Plans

Plural vs. Possessive

Author Information

Author: Staci Wright - wrigst@masnfieldisd.org
Organization: Erma Nash Elementary

Lesson Plan Information

Subject: Language Arts
Category: General
Grade Level: Second - Fourth
Duration: 1 1/2 hours


The lesson not only teaches the difference between plural and possessive nouns, but it also integrates technology into your lesson.


In doing this lesson, you will give your students concrete examples of plural and possessive nouns. The digital pictures acquired in this lesson will help them see the visual differences between plural and possessive nouns.


Students will take 2 digital pictures. The first picture will be of a plural noun and the second will be of a possessive noun. For example, the first pictures may be of many backpacks and the second picture will be of one backpack's zipper.

Educational Resources:

For this lesson, the teachers must have access to a digital camera and a word processing software - Microsoft Word, Claris Works, Star Office, etc...

Reference Materials:

All the needed materials are listed in the Educational Resources.

Activity Plan:

I recommend the students working in pairs. Have each pair take two pictures (one plural noun and one possessive noun.) The possessive noun needs to be part of the plural noun they took. Ex: books & book's page. Once all students have taken their pictures, have them insert the pictures into a word processing software. They will then label the pictures with plural or possessive and write a sentence for each picture using the correct noun form.

Method of Learning:


You will be able to assess their knowledge of plural vs. possessive nouns by reading their sentences and seeing if they correctly used each noun form.