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Lesson Plans

Making a musical instrument

Author Information

Author: Laurie Shultis - spencerpta@yahoo.com
Organization: Spencer Elementary PTA

Lesson Plan Information

Subject: Arts
Category: Art Appreciation
Grade Level: Kindergarten - Fourth
Duration: Approx 1 hour


We have a FIESTA theme (families involved in Student Teacher Activities) this year for school. This theme lends itself well to the art lesson of making maracas, an instrument typically used by Mexicans.


Teach children how to make a pair of Maracas


Children will learn about the Maraca and will make a working instrument

Educational Resources:

Newspaper, Glue suitable for paper mache, popcorn or small beans, small balloon, dowel or small stick, decorations and paint

Reference Materials:

Activity Plan:

1. Put 25-50 kernals of popcorn into a small balloon 2. BLow up the small balloon 2. Using several strips of newspaper, cover the balloon with paper mache glue. Make sure to overlap the strips of newspaper. 3. Let dry overnight 4. Pop the balloon with a pin and the maraca shape will remain. 5. Paint and decorate the maraca 6. Staple or otherwise attach a dowel or small stick to the base. 7. Display in groups of two...or have a Fiesta concert!

Method of Learning:

Class demonstration


Have a judging of the maracas, and give students ribbons! Each student should receive and honorable mention...and of course their maracas! 1. Which makes the most noise 2. Which is the most colorful 3. Which is the heaviest/lightest