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Lesson Plans

Christmas ABCs

Author Information

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Lesson Plan Information

Subject: Computers
Category: General
Grade Level: Fourth - Eighth


At the top of the paper have them type "For Christmas I wish...." Have them write the ABCs down the left side of the paper, then they use that letter to begin a phrase or sentence about Christmas.


Students practice keyboarding while thinking about the true meaning of Christmas and what it means to them.


Students will use MS Word to practice their keyboarding skills. They will develop their creative writing skills with the novel idea of beginning a sentence with a specific letter. It can be expanded to help develop vocabulary and use the thesaurus to find alternate words to fit specific ideas.

Educational Resources:

Word processing program or pencil/paper.

Reference Materials:

A thesaurus or dictionary would be helpful.

Activity Plan:

Day 1 1. Ask students for their input about what they think about during this festive season. Brainstorm a variety of words that can be used later, e.g. festive, jingle, icicles, eXtraordinary, zany, ...Accept all responses. 2. Write on the board the beginning sentence "For Christmas I wish for... or ... During this Season I wish for...." 3. Have students begin writing the ABCs down the paper. 4. Provide an example or get them started with the first letter or two, such as... "For Christmas I wish for.. A little sister or another little Brother. However, a Cat would be nice too. Dad deserves a new set of tools. Even I have been especially good this year. Friendly smiles greet me on the street.

Method of Learning:

It begins with a group discussion, and then continues with students working individually or in pairs.


The final product will be a completed Christmas ABC paper. Students will have used the thesaurus or dictionary to come up with some interesting phrases and ideas. They will be evealuated by their creative writing.