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Lesson Plans

Quotation Game

Author Information

Author: Karen Radke - kradke@omaksd.wednet.edu
Organization: East Omak Elementary

Lesson Plan Information

Subject: Language Arts
Category: Writing
Grade Level: Fourth - Sixth
Duration: one 45-minute period


This lesson teaches students how to properly use quotation marks in conversation in their writing.


I hope to get the students to use quotations in conversation appropriately in their writing.


Students will be able to use quotations around conversation appropriately.

Educational Resources:

Punctuation marks made on 9" x 12" construction paper. I make two sets of quotation marks, two commas, one period, one question mark, one exclamation point. Sentences written out one word at a time on 5" x 7" index cards. I use a different color for each sentence. I have 7 sentences that I use. Be sure to use sentences where the person talking is at the beginning, middle and end of the sentence.

Reference Materials:

Activity Plan:

1. Randomly pass out all of the punctuation cards. 2. Pass out one color of sentence cards to students who do not have punctuation cards. 3. Read the sentence. Students go to the front of the room and place themselves in order without talking. 4. Students from the audience get to move them around one student at a time until they are satisfied the sentence is correct. 5. Do the second sentence, third, and on through the 7th sentence. 6. After you are satisfied they have the idea, have them take out a piece of paper. You read each sentence and they write it correctly on their papers.

Method of Learning:

Hands-on learning.


If the students can write the sentences correctly after the game, then they have the idea of punctuating conversation, using quotations.