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Lesson Plans

My Math Book

Author Information

Author: Sharon Walker - walkers4@portone.com
Organization: Saint Christopher School

Lesson Plan Information

Subject: Computers
Category: General
Grade Level: Second - Second
Duration: 1-2 classes


To teach students how to insert/move/resize a picture in Word


Students will be able to insert/move and resize a clip art object in Word.


To teach students how to insert/move/resize clip art objects.

Educational Resources:

Microsoft Word, a digital camera

Reference Materials:

Activity Plan:

Students will create a cover page called "My Math Book". With teacher guidance they will insert a digital picture of themselves on the front cover. Students will be taught how to insert a graphic, resize it from the corner, and move it. They will use those skills to create at least 4 pages in their book. Each page will have a different, illustrated number sentence on it. For example a page might say 3 dogs + 2 cats = 5. On the screen the student will insert a picture of 3 dogs and 2 cats. Each of the pictures needs to be resized and moved after it is inserted.

Method of Learning:

hands on activity


Did student demonstrate proficiency with the skills taught in their books.