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Lesson Plans

Ten Sly Piranhas

Author Information

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Lesson Plan Information

Subject: Math
Category: Arithmetic
Grade Level: Kindergarten - Second
Duration: 40 minutes


The students will read a book. They will act it out, and then they will use Goldfish crackers to complete subtraction problems.


The student will understand the operation of subtraction.


The student will act out a story that discusses the operation of subtraction. The student will use Goldfish crackers to complete subtraction problems.

Educational Resources:

Ten Sly Piranhas by William Wise, Goldfish crackers, subtraction flashcards

Reference Materials:

Activity Plan:

1. The teacher will show the students the book, and read the title. The teacher can discuss with the students what a "piranha" is, and the definition of "sly." In the back cover of the book, is a paragraph about piranhas. 2. The teacher will read the story to the class. The students will fill in the number in the repetitive parts of the story. 3. The students will then act-out the story with one student being the piranha. 4. Using goldfish crackers, have the students create subtraction problem that are shown on the flashcard. They may eat the goldfish that are being subtracted.

Method of Learning:

Group activity, teacher led activity, individual activity.


The students will be assessed by their ability to use the goldfish crackers to correctly demonstrate the subtraction problem from the flashcard.